Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Mon, 6 Dec 1999 22:12:49 -0500

>>As a Japanese national, I do feel embarassed everytime I see things like
>>this, but in reality the most products displaying bad or nonsensical
>>English were meant for Japanese eyes only and because most people won't
>>know/notice the mistakes the companies don't bother getting an accurate
>>translation. All they care about is how good it looks to the eye and how
>>foreign it appears/sounds. But still you would think that big companies
>>would have at least one employee with good English who could check the
>If it's any consolation, most really big companies you can think of have
>messed up like this. Car companies tend to come off pretty badly as do food
>companies as well, and it's for the same reasons. Basically *everybody* who
>goes for names [be it of products or characters] merely for their sound or
>who uses foreign words does it. [I'm sure that, at some point, somebody has
>named their daughter 'Chlamydia' (sp?) because of the way it sounds...]

 LOL, ha ha ha ha ha!


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