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> [BTW, Freud would have you believe that most men experience more than a
> sexual fantasy towards one's mother, we (men) are also supposed to have a
> subconscious urge to commit patricide (!). I am not totally trashing
> Freud, he did some good stuffs, especially in influencing Jung. But Jung
> very wisely parted company with Freud after just a few years]

These days, Freud is still used to explain sexual malfunction and to profile
serial killers. I think much of Freud's data was gathered from observing
mental patients. Jung did that too, but he formulated it quite differently
from Freud and concentrated on other sources (such as myths etc.) for more
data before coming to conclusions.

> There are very few men or boys who actually fantasize about sex with his
> mother, but there are a lot of Mama's boys, especially among otaku. The
> funny thing is Urusei is joking at the expense of some of its audience.

True... True...

> [since you brought up Lolita Complex (Lolikon), I recently read something
> by Helen McCarthy who shed some very interesting light on Japanese
> fascination with underage girls, but that's pretty OT (actually I am sure
> some otakus have spent hours freeze-framing Lina Ashita and Puru II)]

On the other hand, there have been many who've speculated that Otaku from
the West like Japanese anime because they have hidden pedophilic tendencies.
So I don't think you should take that too seriously.

As for other asians - there are a lot of women around the size of Puru when
they become adults anyway. So I think it may just be natural to like girls
like that - we don't have an aggressive girl bunch here, so I think there's
a fantasy or wish from anime fans for these women to be attracted to them
without really trying.

There are cultural contexts within Japanese society to justify what McCarthy
said. I think we may know some examples of it ourselves without stuffing
this mailing list too much...

> Anyway, I am already waaay too OT, I was just having a good laugh when
> someone is caught with his pants around his ankles:
> Eddie Ju wrote:
> >> It's actually pretty sick to think of Mirai as a babe... must be some
> >> kind of Oedipus complex.

I snickered actually - but Eddie does have an interesting point though.

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