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I wrote:
> >LOL! So when Bright Noah was having sex with Mirai Yashima, he was really
> >thinking about his mom? Wow, Eddie, where do you come up with this stuff?

Justin Palmer wrote:
> I believe its a fairly recognised, urm, er... term. Even other
> anime have made fun of it, in the Urusei Yatsura movie Remember My Love,
> Lum accuses another character of having a "mother" complex. Its a little
> bit like Lolita syndrome.

Yes, yes, I know OC is a recognized "term" (let's call it a "condition" :)
And yes I know there actually exist people who actually "experience" this
"condition". And it's kudos to Freud for discovering such a "condition",
but then Freud went around and convinced everyone (for a short time) half
the world's problems is caused by OC; the other half, of course, was
caused by the female's desire of her father.

[BTW, Freud would have you believe that most men experience more than a
sexual fantasy towards one's mother, we (men) are also supposed to have a
subconscious urge to commit patricide (!). I am not totally trashing
Freud, he did some good stuffs, especially in influencing Jung. But Jung
very wisely parted company with Freud after just a few years]

Nowadays, even pop psychologists stay away from Freud's more perverted
ideas. Comic characters like Lum would joke about it, but that's about

But then...

Knowing what I know about Urusei, Lum wasn't talking about OC, she was
most likely talking about "Mama's boy". There's a big difference between
OC and Mama's boy, OC is, put it simply, sick, but Mama's boy is just a
plain old shortcoming, no more sick than being, say, inane (HEH HEH HEH).
There are very few men or boys who actually fantasize about sex with his
mother, but there are a lot of Mama's boys, especially among otaku. The
funny thing is Urusei is joking at the expense of some of its audience.

[since you brought up Lolita Complex (Lolikon), I recently read something
by Helen McCarthy who shed some very interesting light on Japanese
fascination with underage girls, but that's pretty OT (actually I am sure
some otakus have spent hours freeze-framing Lina Ashita and Puru II)]

Anyway, I am already waaay too OT, I was just having a good laugh when
someone is caught with his pants around his ankles:

Eddie Ju wrote:
>> It's actually pretty sick to think of Mirai as a babe... must be some
>> kind of Oedipus complex.

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