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Chien Ting wrote:

> Mirai has a small nose, small eyes, a flat face and relatively small
> chest. Tomino and Yasuhiko went to some length to make her plain.

Yeah, I know. But those are the types we fall for in real life sometimes...

> I like them more for their personalities and deeds, especially in life
> and death situations.

I agree with you on that point. Mirai's strength and the depth of her
character made her more appealing to me than most in the series. Not a
babe - but definitely one with depth and personality. I think that's her
strength - it also appeals to our inner Bright Noah for some reason I can't

But her character redesign in Char's was a bit disappointing too for reasons
I can't explain either. They made her less plain and more flashy - which I
felt was a disservice to her...

But when I say "babe" - I think mainly in physical appeal. Sayla is more
outwardly appealing - even Frau Bow... But I feel that Mirai is far more

> BTW, I can now think of a sort of answer to the original question: do
> Japanese consider Mirai a babe? Look at the 1/20 character collections
> manufactured by Bandai, there's your Sayla, Frau and even Icelina, but no
> Mirai. In a set of 10 figures, they found room for Icelina, but not for
> Mirai and Hayato. Really disappointing. I haven't seen Mirai in any 3-D
> merchandise, has she ever appeared as model, figure or doll?

Good point. No Hayato... shucks - I guess Frau Bow will have to stick up
with Amoro Rae's indifference for much longer than usual... ;)

I dunno what this implies though. But I'm sure her physical appeal isn't as
flashy as the others to become a figure. I think Kasumi from Ranma 1/2 never
had a figure of hers made either - and she was a Mirai-like character albeit
a lot prettier and a bit more aloof.


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