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>As a Japanese national, I do feel embarassed everytime I see things like
>this, but in reality the most products displaying bad or nonsensical
>English were meant for Japanese eyes only and because most people won't
>know/notice the mistakes the companies don't bother getting an accurate
>translation. All they care about is how good it looks to the eye and how
>foreign it appears/sounds. But still you would think that big companies
>would have at least one employee with good English who could check the

If it's any consolation, most really big companies you can think of have
messed up like this. Car companies tend to come off pretty badly as do food
companies as well, and it's for the same reasons. Basically *everybody* who
goes for names [be it of products or characters] merely for their sound or
who uses foreign words does it. [I'm sure that, at some point, somebody has
named their daughter 'Chlamydia' (sp?) because of the way it sounds...]

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