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> >>>I've never seen Mirai or Puru before... can anybody give me a link of a pic
> >>>directly to me so I could see they're both good ?

Neither of them are particularly pretty. Especially Puru, she was more a
baby than a babe. She was, what? 12 or 13 when she died?

Mirai has a small nose, small eyes, a flat face and relatively small
chest. Tomino and Yasuhiko went to some length to make her plain. I
suspect Sunrise wouldn't let them make a major female character any more
homely. (Kishiria was uglier, but she's a bad guy)

I like them more for their personalities and deeds, especially in life
and death situations.

BTW, I can now think of a sort of answer to the original question: do
Japanese consider Mirai a babe? Look at the 1/20 character collections
manufactured by Bandai, there's your Sayla, Frau and even Icelina, but no
Mirai. In a set of 10 figures, they found room for Icelina, but not for
Mirai and Hayato. Really disappointing. I haven't seen Mirai in any 3-D
merchandise, has she ever appeared as model, figure or doll?

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