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Mon, 06 Dec 1999 11:11:33 EST

>From: Joshua <>

>I was just wondering why The Gundam Project site is very detailed about
>stories and mechanical specs on the alternate timelines but not on the
>pictures from these spin-off series?

I'm not speaking for Mark, but everything he's
got on the site now was hand drawn by him. With
it being the 20th Anniversary of the original
series, he's doing a lot of work on the original
series. Mark is also doing a lot of work on the
Viz comics commentary on the original series of
comics by Kondo, also set in the original show.

There used to be lots of scans on the Gundam
Project, like every other Gundam site, but since
Anime Village came to the US Mark has redone the
site with ONLY original work.

Hope that helps.


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