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> The chest missile assembly was cool until I started to play with it. There
> are 2 removable missile pods like the ones you see on the GP-03 Orchis
> platform, but they are hard to remove once you slap them into the Turn A's
> chest. I have relatively small hands and even with long nails it took me
> a while to get them out. It will be a feat to do this without chipping off
> any paint, too.

  This is a plus in my book. Its better to have removable pieces too tight,
then pieces that fall out easily.

> The beam sabers takes some geting used to. They are extremely thin and
> compared to the chogokin Gundam's. Another piece to worry about breaking.
> The flying penis cockpit does pop off and transform, however there is no
> polycaps in the connecting parts, so I don't know when wear and tear will
> kick in and make the Turn A a castrated white doll.
> Last but not least - 2 sets of hands instead of 4 like the chogokin toys
> give ya!

  I like swords that are really long. The Turn A can fence! ^_^ Its Core
Fighter shouldn't have too much wear and tear, if its metal on the Turn A
where the Core Fighter hooks to. I like the Turn A's design a lot. Is there
any new Gundam toy that you are satisfied with?


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