Mon, 6 Dec 1999 04:43:06 EST

> I can't help but feel how the "New Material Model" is a glorified diecast
> upgrade of the MSiA crappy toy. The much higher pricetag it carries
> (compared to the chogokin Gundam and Zaku II) can be attributed directly to
> the higher count of diecast parts (the chogokin Gundam & Zaku II were
> plastic) and a larger size - but the box gives no scale.


Well well well....I guess looks can be decieving... Good thing I never liked
the Turn-A design at all. So how is the Char's Zaku Chogokin? I understand
the porportions are ugly and similar to the Kunio Okawara design in the 0079
TV....so how's posability compared to the Rx78?

> Eddie

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