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>Looks awesome.

And how deceptive looks can be.

>You know what... the Turn A Gundam is starting to warm up to me. It's an
>incredible design really - once you get past the face - the model is as
>stunning as any ever made in the Gundam multiverse.
>This is the one instance where an opponent's mecha from the Gundam worlds
>isn't catching my eye. This is a special mech.

I can't help but feel how the "New Material Model" is a glorified diecast
upgrade of the MSiA crappy toy. The much higher pricetag it carries
(compared to the chogokin Gundam and Zaku II) can be attributed directly to
the higher count of diecast parts (the chogokin Gundam & Zaku II were mostly
plastic) and a larger size - but the box gives no scale.

The New Material Model of Turn A claims to be a "faithful reproduction" based
on Syd Mead's designs (Syd's sketches of body limbs is reprinted next to the
photo of the toy's corresponding limbs in the manual), and if that claim was
true, then the design truly sucks rocks. I have a HUGE problem with the
Turn A's shoulder armor. It was designed like the shoulder pads of an
American football player's uniform in that the shoulder armor does not really
swivel along with the arm. But the real pain in the ass was how the back
piece of the shoulder armor keeps popping off the hinge and breaking off -
this will annoy you to no end if you play with it at all, as you are
constantly in fear of breaking the toy because there are so many parts that
just felt extremely fragile because of how they attach to the body. The side
skirt armor also looked realy weak at the joint, but so far I haven't had
problems. Dunno how well it'd survive a fall, though.

The Swiss Army knife parts on the back of its legs are really just a ripoff
of the 1/60 scale F-91 - you can snap them into the leg's housing, and pop
them back out by depressing the feet. They simply replaced the F-91's leg
fins with the Swiss Army knife fins. Mechanically they work the same way.

The beam rifle really sucks. Although it's more detailed than the MSiA's
rifle, and you can even turn the knob hidden inside the sliding housing
at the back (big whooping deal), the damned sliding housing KEPT FALLING OFF
THE BEAM RIFLE. At least the MSiA's rifle didn't have this kind of problem.
The beam rifle's handle is also very small, given the size of the rifle you
have to wonder if the handle will eventually break due to the enourmous mass
it must endure.

The chest missile assembly was cool until I started to play with it. There
are 2 removable missile pods like the ones you see on the GP-03 Orchis
platform, but they are hard to remove once you slap them into the Turn A's
chest. I have relatively small hands and even with long nails it took me
a while to get them out. It will be a feat to do this without chipping off
any paint, too.

The beam sabers takes some geting used to. They are extremely thin and long
compared to the chogokin Gundam's. Another piece to worry about breaking.

The flying penis cockpit does pop off and transform, however there is no
polycaps in the connecting parts, so I don't know when wear and tear will
kick in and make the Turn A a castrated white doll.

Last but not least - 2 sets of hands instead of 4 like the chogokin toys
give ya!


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