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Actually Zugock is extremelly agile in both land and sea. Watch the 2nd
gundam movie and you see Char using his zugock to do a very fast charging
attack. Zugock thrusted its claws into the poor GM's belly and boom it
went. Even Amuro admits that zugock was a speedy MS. As for mecha particle
cannons, yeah they are tougher than the beam rifle. All Zeon Mobile Armor
uses Mega Particle Cannons like the Aspharas in 8th MS team and 0083 Gato's
Neue Ziuel. Except Zugock sports a scaled down version so it's not as
powerful as the mobile armors, but nevertheless a very tough adversary.

>Subject: Re: [gundam] HGUC Zugock
>Date: Sun, 5 Dec 1999 22:47:21 EST
>In a message dated 12/5/1999 10:39:53 PM Eastern Standard Time,
><< There's a mega-particle cannon on the end of each arm, at the center of
> each set of claws. Big, bad, powerful weapons, indeed. >>
> Is a mega-particle cannon more powerful then a beam rifle?
> << There are six 240mm missile launchers in a circle (or hexagon, if you
> prefer) above the 360-degree mono-eye track. Each launcher holds five
> rounds, for a total of 30. These are often used like torpedoes against
> surface craft, but they're just as effective in air as in
> water. Technically speaking, they're SUBROCs -- submarine rockets -- but
> in effect it's like having six built-in 240mm bazookas. >>
> The Zugock looks like it lacks weapons, but its actually loaded. I think
>that is neat, the Zugock, except for the claws, seems other wise harmless,
>until you find out about its weapons. Has any pilots in the anime, ever
>the Zugock for granted? The Zugock moves slow on land, doesn't it?
> Aaron
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