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> > I just looked at the HGUC Zugock and it appears that the monoeye does
> >though I don't see how the eye can be moved. The eye is in two diffferent
> >postitons in the pictures. If the eye was a sticker, wouldn't the eye be in
> >the same position in each picture?
>Not necessarily -- it depends on whether or not there's more than one
>As I recall, the Zugock-E model for the Gundam 0080 series came with three
>mono-eye stickers, one looking left, one dead center and one looking right.

Actually I've seen some pictures off a web site it seems that the Zugock HGUC
has a detachatble interchangable Eye system and the Head peice is entirely
removable Its either that or this guy did some major customization ^^. These
are pics from the Mighty "Jam's" webpage... he seems to have been in hobby
japan a few times....

- Roger

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