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Sun, 5 Dec 1999 05:16:06 -0800 (PST)

> As I've probably mentioned before - the Philippines
> is a test market for US
> release. I forgot to mention that on this thread.

ah, yes. you've said that before. i forgot.

> Ruroni Kenshin had a lot. Mainly because it was
> bloody. I didn't know much
> about Gundam Wing to judge whether it was cut or
> not.

hmm...which do you refer to? i think there are two
channels showing kenshin. one in tagalog on channel 2
monday to friday, and one in english in cable 23.
were both versions cut? (i forget the politics
behind tv stations. who owns ch 23?)

i think it really depends on the different tv
stations. some are liberal, some are a little
conservative...and then there are those who still live
in the dark ages. for crying out loud, channel 5
showed/shows he-man, transformers and gi joe with that
obnoxious "parental guidance" stuck on one corner of
the screen. one can only assume they're covering
their asses by slapping a PG rating on everything they

> Not everyone. I don't think I'd ever watch Lupin III
> in Japanese ever again
> after I saw it on TV here.

lupin dubbing is good. especially when lupin was
crossdressing. :)

> Standard policy. I wonder if Americans would stay
> true to form on this
> subject and change the lyrics to English at least.

would they simply translate the lyrics to english, or
come up with totally new lyrics to cram to the tune?

same question for lodoss war ova. were the english
version opening and ending themes translations or new
lyrics? (i'm not talking about the song 'eternity',
which was really sung in english anyway by

or...would they simply do a minus one of the songs,
like what happened to the force five package? (i
actually preferred the minus one versions...some of
the vocals got in the way...) what would people
prefer -- an english version that might have nothing
to do with the original song, or a minus one?
> Those are two totally different audiences - kids and
> adults. Nice thing
> about TV now is that viewers audiences can be
> compartmentalized to different
> time slots. That's why you can have sex being
> discussed on Oprah. Kids don't
> watch live local shows anymore - many are reared to
> watching G Gundam and
> other 'toons. Hell, I don't think my little cousins
> watch anything 'cept the
> Cartoon Network and the Anime of GMA 7.

ok ok. a better analogy -- south park and anime.

of course anti-anime americans would argue that south
park is a cartoon for adults while anime see? some people just refuse to
get it, so why waste time trying to appease them?
feed them to the sharks or something. it must be the
culture gap.

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