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Sun, 5 Dec 1999 04:37:54 -0500

Ok, I got bitten by the bug, I'm working through some
of the ideas for a fanfic based on the War of the Worlds
steam based gundams fighting aliens concept. I have an
ugly gundam which looks like a cross between a 08th MS
Gundam, and a train, I also have Chris, Char, and Amuro
posing in front of it.

The Gundam has Flame swords, a semi-auto rifle, and a
shield. Its two red eyes are lenses over lamp so it can see
at night, the mouth covers a 2ft lens that is the top of the
periscope the pilot uses to see out of. Eventually there will
be a two rocket, two shot jetpack, chemically powered, it
gives the Gundam 5 second flights, twice...

Char's Zach prototype has a Thompson sub-machinecannon
and a Tomahawk style melee weapon... the Zach monoeye
is a periscope like the gundam's but the lens and searchlight
are both contained in the one eye.

The Alex Gundam has the flame swords of the regular unit
but as its French made rifle is still being finished, it has two
Gatling style cannon, one in each forearm, the Alex has the
same searchlight eyes as the Gundam, and the mouth based
periscope lens.

Lalah's picture is now posted to my website... it is currently
only a sketch, not finished by any means....

The Gundam ranks page will be up soon...


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