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Joshua wrote:
> I just wanted to know the general consensus on which of these 2
> RX-78-2 models is worth getting. The 20th anniversary coating version
> or the original white version? Both, of course, are MG 1/100. I'm
> sorta inclined towards the former, but a lotta people say these coated
> kits (of all the different series) are cheesy and for those who are
> too lazy to paint their models.

First of all, know that the coated Gundam is not like the new HGUC Type
1000, which is bronze (I think) plated and was specially designed so that
most of the cut marks are hidden when the model is completed. Bandai made
the coating version by taking the regular MG Gundam, spray paint it
silver, and then spray paint appropriate trees with transparent blue, red
and yellow. And they tossed in a new Amuro figure too, this figure is
different from old Chara Colle Amuro. The old one is dressed in his space
suit, the one with the MG coating version is dressed in his regular blue
uniform which I like a lot.

Which one to get really depends on what kind of modeller you are. If you
are in the habbit of puttying and polishing making a perfect finish on
your model, then the chrome version will leave you pretty cold, as the
small gaps between parts can't be completely filled up. If you want a
good chromed Gundam, your best bet is to get a regular MG, putty and
polish, then spray paint it silver, and then spray paint the different
parts with transparent yellow, blue abd red. The finish will be pretty
much the same. Of course that's a bit of an advanced job.

Now I've finished one myself recently, and I have to say, it ain't so bad.
There are disadvantahes as said, but the chrome finish is still pretty
impressive. I am a huge 0079 fan, so having a single chrome model being
Gundam surrounded by regular models is very cool. I wouldn't put the
chrome one in a diorama, since it's very un-realistic, but it's kind of
like a bronze statue, a tribute to a fine histroy. The regular version
won't have this effect (at least for me).

A lot of people complain that it's easy to scratch the coating and that
after you cut the parts off the tree, you are left with cut marks that are
a bit ugly. Those are all valid complaints. There are a few spots (on
the thighs, shins, forearms, and the helmut that are particularly bad.
When I was building mine, I was pretty worried too. But it turns out that
Testor silver paint is a pretty good match and that can repair most cut
marks, to an extent. If necessary, you can brush Gunze Acqueous
transparent red or blue on top of the Testor silver. These are almost
perfect match to the original colours. The main advantage is you only
need a brush to apply the repairs. When I am done, the cut marks are
invisible from about 2 feet away (but the gaps on the thighs and forearms
are still visible). Overall, I am happy with mine, esp. since I got it
for a good price. I suppose I can putty up just the thighs and forearms,
and then spray paint those parts, that could be a good compromise. But
that remians a thought for now, since I don't want to risk ruining what I
have now.

Cost-wise, the coating version (3500 Yens) is not a bad deal compared to
the regular (2500 Yens), unless you already have an airbrush, compressor,
and all the paints and thinners. If you are using spray cans, then the
coating version is definitely a deal. Don't forget the Amuro figure is
about a 200 Yens value too.

Bottom line, if you are doing a diorama, get the regular. If you are an
advanced modeller, get the regular, If you want a chrome version and are
a little lazy and can find a good price, go for the coating edition.

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