Federico Makabenta (yenm@iconn.com.ph)
Sun, 5 Dec 1999 13:23:26 +0800

> I just wanted to know the general consensus on which of these 2 RX-78-2
> models is worth getting. The 20th anniversary coating version or the
> original white version? Both, of course, are MG 1/100. I'm sorta
> towards the former, but a lotta people say these coated kits (of all the
> different series) are cheesy and for those who are too lazy to paint their
> models.

I really would like to find out how to glue these MG silver kits together
and take away the gaps in between. I haven't bought one yet, but from what
I've seen of the Deathscythe and the rest there are really few flaws in the
outer design to notice any factory misalignment flaws. Maybe just my
imagination or the glare of the light refelecting back from it. The gaps are
noticeable for certain parts, however.

Coated kits are for people who would like a nice looking kit without
painting it I guess. But I really do wonder how you could close the gaps
around this mech without the usual sanding/putty stuff. Has anyone tried it
or done so successfully? I've heard that the epoxy putty stuff is an OK
alternative. But haven't tried it yet.

I think it really depends on whether you'd like to paint your mech or not. I
like painting - so there's not much question there. But I'd like to take
the coated version on and try and see how I could improve it without
painting around it.

Those are my two cents...


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