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>Just thinking...
>During 0083 when the Delars fleet waged war on the federation, it was
>intriguing that Chat Aznable didn't show up in any manner. True, Delars
may be
>influenced by the Zabi family and Char under his father's vengeance, but
>a nuclear assault against the federation and dropping a colony on Jaburo
>would miss) isn't something to be ignored. So where was Char during those

Somewhere on (or, more correctly, in) Axis. He'd escaped with Xena Zabi
and her entourage after the fall of A'Bao'A'Qu, arriving at Axis on 28
March 0080. The next we hear of him is when he returns to the Earth Sphere
on 17 June 0084, in the guise of Quattro Vezina.

>Well, if he ever did show up, he might be the one taking Delars hostage and
>blowing his head off, then head to head with Gato and Killing that

Highly unlikely. Char apparently had nothing to do with the Axis Advanced
Fleet or any other Axis element making tentative contact with anyone in the
Earth Sphere. He was apparently pursuing angles of his own, one of which
was to try and cultivate a personal relationship with Zeon heir apparent
Mineva Lao Zabi and her Regent. That was Xena Zabi, up until her death on
5 May 0081, then it was Maharajah Khan, up until his death on 9 August
0083. Hamaan Khan stepped into her father's shoes on 11 August 0083 and
Char became Quattro about nine months later. At that time, Mineva was just
4 and Hamaan either 16 or 17. He left under the pretense of scouting the
Earth Sphere preparatory to the return of Axis and secretly joined the AEUG
without Hamaan's knowledge and consent, which created a good deal of
friction between them when Axis finally returned to the Earth Sphere, a
journey begun on 6 February 0086 and completed on 12 October 0087 --
without Char's promised reconnaissance.


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