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> If/When they release the original Gundam series on Cartoon Network, I
>assume they'll release it on video as well. I wish they would make DVD's of
>the current and future US Gundam releases, with both dubbed and subbed
>versions on one DVD. I don't have a DVD player, but am getting a Computer
>with DVD and TV out, so I can watch DVD's on the TV. A lot of times, they put
>neat extras on DVD.

Yeah, I'd love that myself considering I'll be getting a DVD player this Christmas. That way we could get both subbed and dubbed versions on one thing, without having to spend as much as we would for both types of tapes (well, hopefully not as much). And seeing how they are supposed to be releasing Wing on tape as it comes out on tv, I would expect them to do the same with other tv series.

>Once they get people in
>the US hooked on Gundam, they can release older shows, and the hooked new
>Gundam fans will watch them and accept the animation, even though its old.

Hmmm, I'm not sure about that, but it might go over well enough. Personally, that is one of the reasons I've only watched the movies twice and other older anime like Macross only a few times. Even the Slayers series are almost to this point. The quality of the animation just grates on me, especially after being exposed to newer stuff. If it wasn't for the good story, and in some cases the music, I wouldn't be able to watch it. In fact, the only old anime that does not do this to me is stuff put out by Matsumoto Leiji, like Galaxy Express. For some reason, I really like how these are animated, I don't know why.

However, this being said, if they put out the older Gundam, I will still buy it.

> They could release a few Gundam series at once, if they wanted to. They
>could show one or two on TNT, Sci-Fi Channel, USA, etc. I'm dreaming of
>course, but wouldn't it be nice if this happened? Gundam would get a wider
>exposure to more people, on multiple stations.
> Aaron

Yeah, it would get alot of exposure, but the rival channels would probably place them opposite one another, forcing you to choose. Then again, that is probably just my pessimism talking.


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