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<< Hmmm, your right, I do remember hearing something about that now that you
mention it. Oops. Maybe they will be released on video as well. Still, I
think I'd rather get Zeta and CCA in dubbed format before the complete
original series, but this is just personal preference. I know I missed alot
of what happened in the original series if I just watch the movies, but I've
gotten hooked on Zeta by just the 12 episodes I have in fansub, and want to
see the rest. >>

  If/When they release the original Gundam series on Cartoon Network, I
assume they'll release it on video as well. I wish they would make DVD's of
the current and future US Gundam releases, with both dubbed and subbed
versions on one DVD. I don't have a DVD player, but am getting a Computer
with DVD and TV out, so I can watch DVD's on the TV. A lot of times, they put
neat extras on DVD.

  There are the three movies, so they could hold off on the original series
and put the others on TV first. I'd rather them go ahead and get the original
series on TV, though. Get that out of the way first, then we won't have to
worry about it and they can continue with all the other series. Besides, non
Gundam fans that would be interested and watch Gundam would get confused
easily. I guess why they released Wing first in the US, is too see how well
it will do in the US and Wing is basically brand new. Once they get people in
the US hooked on Gundam, they can release older shows, and the hooked new
Gundam fans will watch them and accept the animation, even though its old.

  They could release a few Gundam series at once, if they wanted to. They
could show one or two on TNT, Sci-Fi Channel, USA, etc. I'm dreaming of
course, but wouldn't it be nice if this happened? Gundam would get a wider
exposure to more people, on multiple stations.


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