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>According to an article on, the original Gundam series is
>supposed to be shown on Cartoon Network in 2001. Just spectulation, but if
>Wing does extrenely well, they would probably release it as soon as Wing
>ends. All the series (Z, ZZ, V, etc.) would be good to run on TV.
> Aaron

Hmmm, your right, I do remember hearing something about that now that you mention it. Oops. Maybe they will be released on video as well. Still, I think I'd rather get Zeta and CCA in dubbed format before the complete original series, but this is just personal preference. I know I missed alot of what happened in the original series if I just watch the movies, but I've gotten hooked on Zeta by just the 12 episodes I have in fansub, and want to see the rest.


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