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Mark Simmons wrote:

> Neil Baumgardner asks,
> >Here's another question/topic for everyone. If known, about what time
> >did the MS in Zeta first enter service? In other words, which ones
> >entered service in 0084, 0085, 0086, etc.
> >
> >I'm specifically thinking of mass produced types, like the
> >RGM-79R/RGM-179 GM II, RMS-099 Rick Dias, RMS-106 HiZak, RMS-108
> >Marasai, and MSA-003 Nemo.
> Actually, there's pretty good documentation on this in Entertainment
> Bible 2 (written by the Shindosha staff, so even though it's third-party
> speculation, it comes from some of the biggest Gundam experts in Japan).
> To start with, we have the formation of the Titans in December 0083,
> accompanied by the rollout of the GM Quell. Next up is the Hizack, the
> first mass-produced mobile suit with a linear seat; EB 2 claims that the
> Hizack rolled out in July of 0084.
> The Hizack's cockpit is cruder than later models, with only a partial
> all-around view; EB 2 states that the full panoramic display became
> standard the following year. Based on this, the GM II - which has a
> complete panoramic display, plus a higher power output than the Hizack -
> is presumably of later vintage, probably circa 0085.
> EB 2 claims that the Gundam Mk. II project began in 0085, and that it
> was tested for some six months before the Titans decided against mass
> production. Since the prototypes were stolen in March 0087, they would
> thus have been completed no later than September 0086.
> The Rick Dias seems to be pretty new as the series begins. After seeing
> the Rick Dias in action, the Titans realize that it uses exotic new armor
> materials (namely Gundarium Gamma), and commission Anaheim Electronics to
> produce a Hizack upgrade using this material. What appear to be the first
> Marasai units roll out in episode 9 (circa late April, 0087). Since this
> is less than two months after the series starts, it's conceivable that
> the Titans might have seen the Rick Dias in action beforehand.

I think that the first time the Rick Dias saw action was in the first episode
of Z Gundam, and that the Titans had no prior knowledge of their existence.
Titans officers Bosque, Jamaikan, and MS engineer Bidan certainly never seen,
heard, or expected the new MS.

Yes, two months does seem too short to put a new MS in production but if you
recall, the Titans officer Jamaikan suspected the Marasai of being a test
bed for the AEUG's new MS and that it was inferior; suggesting that Anaheim
Electronics just put into production one of the early Rick Dias prototypes
with the Marasai body.

 Also if you recall, the Hyakushiki and the Z Gundam were developed in a
similar time frame. I bring this up because Anaheim Electronics didn't start
working on the Z Gundam until after Camille designed it, and also the
Hyakushiki is a byproduct of the Z design.

I think Camille's use of existing design/technology from the MkII and Rick
Dias in the design of the Z Gundam made it relatively easy to develop. But
those tireless AE workers must have worked extra long hours to
design/build/test/complete/produce so many different MS in such a short time
frame! : )


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