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Sat, 04 Dec 1999 18:43:05 -0600

You cut out the part of the message where I said that was a quote from (the guy working for the company that is releasing the
Gundam models in the US). He sent the message on Tuesday, November 9th.
Unfortunately I think most people on this list must not have read it,
because if they had, we wouldn't be wasting time and volume on threads like
this one :)

Jonathan Rosenfeld

>> The main sentiment that I'm hearing is a fear
>> that the programming or commercials are going to "dumb down" Gundam. I
>> assure
>> you, that is nobody's intent. You've probably heard, but Cartoon Network
>> is not
>> allowed to edit Gundam content at all.
> Yes, that's exactly what I fear. Thanks for the info. Not to doubt you, but
>where did you get this info.?
> Aaron

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