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This is a very late reply because I hadn't been able to read my mail for a
while. Anyway,

Japanese TV shows are usually planned on multiples of 13. Either 13 eps. (3
mos), 26 eps. (6 mos.) or 52 eps. for one year. They set out to make a show
with a set number of episodes and adjust the storyline accordingly. (Sort
of like an American TV mini-series but longer) They show new shows weekly
to the end. They do not show reruns during a current run of a show.
(Unless they air the same episode twice during the same week as they have
with Turn A in some areas). When they show reruns, they start at the
beginning and go until the end in order (usually daily, and not until the
series has ended.) It's good and bad, in that you don't have to watch the
same reruns over and over until the new eps. start in the fall. On the
other hand, if you miss a show, you may never get to watch it.

If a show has very low ratings, it may get cancelled before the end, like
with First Gundam and Gundam X. This is the reason these series do not have
the full 52 episodes. It's well known that First got cancelled early so the
ending had to be condensed into the last few episodes.


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