Federico Makabenta (yenm@iconn.com.ph)
Sun, 5 Dec 1999 06:21:31 +0800

> eh...what exactly are you implying, fed? hmm...

As I've probably mentioned before - the Philippines is a test market for US
release. I forgot to mention that on this thread.

> gundam wing did pretty well here. and fyi, no cuts
> were made.

Ruroni Kenshin had a lot. Mainly because it was bloody. I didn't know much
about Gundam Wing to judge whether it was cut or not.

> the tagalog dubbing was actually pretty good overall,
> with just a few inconsistencies here and there.
> (there are, however, some people who disdain anything
> filipinized...)

Not everyone. I don't think I'd ever watch Lupin III in Japanese ever again
after I saw it on TV here.

> anyway, the opening and ending themes
> were left untouched, in original japanese. as is
> usual for all anime shown here.

Standard policy. I wonder if Americans would stay true to form on this
subject and change the lyrics to English at least.

> contrary to public opinion, philippine tv stations
> aren't all prudish pricks.

On the contrary, I feel they'd do anything to get people to watch them. It
was just a matter of getting it past Hatchetwoman Etta Mendez before or the
more liberal Armida now... :)

> especially not gma. look
> at what they let bubble gang and local comedy scenes
> get away with. 'course, they always stick a "parental
> guidance" sign somewhere on the screen...but they're
> not half as puritan (and hypocritical) as the great
> western media consortium. with the likes of jerry
> springer around, people raise a fuss over anime? :P

Those are two totally different audiences - kids and adults. Nice thing
about TV now is that viewers audiences can be compartmentalized to different
time slots. That's why you can have sex being discussed on Oprah. Kids don't
watch live local shows anymore - many are reared to watching G Gundam and
other 'toons. Hell, I don't think my little cousins watch anything 'cept the
Cartoon Network and the Anime of GMA 7.

Anyway, just to illustrate how Philippine TV shows are doing - guess which
TV show is #1 in the Philippines now?

Flame of Recca...

#2 - Lupin III - also has the best general audience rating - meaning it
appeals to everyone.

This is the only place in the world where I've seen or heard of an Anime
show being the #1 show in the ratings...


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