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Sat, 04 Dec 1999 18:34:56 EST

> >2) questionable scenes (ie, those of an extreme violent nature,
>questionable "morality", or an extreme sexual nature, if any, I haven't
>the series yet) will be edited out for the tv version, esp. since it will
>released on the Cartoon Network.
> >
>I'm not so sure about deep cuts, the Dragon Ball dubs on Cartoon Network
>have few cuts, if any, and the language is boderline PG, one character asks
>another not to "piss off" the Namek Dragon, so there seems to be a more
>adult approach, Wing could get the same treatment.

Actually, the version of Dragon Ball Z running on Cartoon Network are the
"edited" version. If you compare it to the Japanese version, it's edited
quite a bit. (The "unedited" version is available on VHS and DVD, but they
never bothered to release subs) Also, American shows have 5 minutes less
airing time per show than Japanese due to the amount of commercials, so
there will be some cuts in each episode.


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