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However, there are scenes that American Parents will
have trouble with...

Original Series - Mirai steps out of the shower to quiet
    the kids, and is naked, when Amuro walks in to fix
    the faucet.

08th MS team - Kiki is bathing in the stream, also naked.

Zeta Gundam - One of the Titan's pilots is showering and
    Jerrid walks in on her.

I don't really thingk that radical thinking from twenty years
ago is such a difficult thing now, even Endless Waltz's give
peace a chance message isn't that radical.

Since I'm never home when the shows would be on, as long
as they don't edit the Video tapes, and hopefully some DVDs
I won't really care.


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> >2) questionable scenes (ie, those of an extreme violent nature,
> questionable "morality", or an extreme sexual nature, if any, I haven't
> seen the series yet) will be edited out for the tv version, esp. since it
> will be released on the Cartoon Network.
> To quote [the guy working for the company that is
> releasing Gundam models in the US]:
> The main sentiment that I'm hearing is a fear
> that the programming or commercials are going to "dumb down" Gundam. I
> you, that is nobody's intent. You've probably heard, but Cartoon Network
> is not
> allowed to edit Gundam content at all.
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