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Mark Simmons wrote:

> >I'm specifically thinking of mass produced types, like the
> >RGM-79R/RGM-179 GM II, RMS-099 Rick Dias, RMS-106 HiZak, RMS-108
> >Marasai, and MSA-003 Nemo.
> Actually, there's pretty good documentation on this in Entertainment
> Bible 2 (written by the Shindosha staff, so even though it's third-party
> speculation, it comes from some of the biggest Gundam experts in Japan).
> To start with, we have the formation of the Titans in December 0083,
> accompanied by the rollout of the GM Quell. Next up is the Hizack, the
> first mass-produced mobile suit with a linear seat; EB 2 claims that the
> Hizack rolled out in July of 0084.

What exactly was the rationale for the Federation doing a derivative of the
Zaku anyway?

> The Hizack's cockpit is cruder than later models, with only a partial
> all-around view; EB 2 states that the full panoramic display became
> standard the following year. Based on this, the GM II - which has a
> complete panoramic display, plus a higher power output than the Hizack -
> is presumably of later vintage, probably circa 0085.

And the Nemo?


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