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>I'm not so sure about deep cuts, the Dragon Ball dubs on Cartoon Network
>have few cuts, if any, and the language is boderline PG, one character asks
>another not to "piss off" the Namek Dragon, so there seems to be a more
>adult approach, Wing could get the same treatment.

Well, I only rarely watch the DBZ pure Japanese version that is on the international channel here on campus, so I'm not too familar with the original. I was mostly going by older stuff. I should have remembered that today's standards are starting to relax. They might just have them do that tv ratings thing with the shows labeled G, PG, PG-13, etc.

>I hope this opens the door to more anime series though. Does anyone know if
>there are plans to work on the other Sunrise properties owned by Bandai? It
>would be cool to get Xabungle, Ideon, Dunbine or Dragonar in English. Also,
>has there been any word on Zeta Gundam, or Gundam ZZ??

Actually, Bandai is really starting to release alot of stuff here in America now. I don't know about what you list above, but AnimeVillage has several titles to choose from, many of which are Bandai products, and are going to be released in dubbed versions. My main problem is too many titles to choose from, not enough money.

Personally, I hope that after AV finishes Gundam Wing and 8th MS they go ahead and release Zeta and maybe Char's Counterattack. Then Double Zeta and F91. And finally V Gundam before all the alternate universe stuff. Of course, the main alt. universe series I want to see is Gundam X. I only have the first 12 episodes in fansubbed format. I have fansubs of the 2 UC movies and of 12 episodes of Zeta, but I would love to see them dubbbed (and get the rest of Zeta, and the UC timeline, of course). Now that they have done the movie compilations of the original series, I doubt that they will put too much effort into releasing that series in its entirety anytime soon. More likely, they'll release all the other series and movies before the original is even considered.


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