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Sat, 4 Dec 1999 06:34:05 -0700

>Seeing some of the other anime that has been released on tv, I believe that
the following will happen:
>1) the tv version music will be either dubbed in English or a completely
new song will be made. After all, many Americans, esp. children, can't enjoy
music in another language, in some tv execs opinions.

Sad, but true. The music will probably be dubbed.

>2) questionable scenes (ie, those of an extreme violent nature,
questionable "morality", or an extreme sexual nature, if any, I haven't seen
the series yet) will be edited out for the tv version, esp. since it will be
released on the Cartoon Network.

I'm not so sure about deep cuts, the Dragon Ball dubs on Cartoon Network
have few cuts, if any, and the language is boderline PG, one character asks
another not to "piss off" the Namek Dragon, so there seems to be a more
adult approach, Wing could get the same treatment.

>3) the video versions will not be changed other than the addition of
subtitles or dubbing (after all, the stuff in the other Gundam videos thus
far released has not been changed except for this)
I hope this opens the door to more anime series though. Does anyone know if
there are plans to work on the other Sunrise properties owned by Bandai? It
would be cool to get Xabungle, Ideon, Dunbine or Dragonar in English. Also,
has there been any word on Zeta Gundam, or Gundam ZZ??



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