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On Sat, 4 Dec 1999 20:22:13 +0800 Federico Makabenta <> wrote:
>I dunno what happened to Gundam Wing here - (I didn't bother watching it) -
>but that should give you an idea as to how much the extent of the cutting
>could go. It would be more seamless for the US version I believe - but I
>believe the Filipinos who did watch it could give you a good indicator.
>I think they won't change the music. It's far cheaper to dub over lyrics
>than compose a new theme entirely - unless of course it's entirely
>unworkable in english.

Seeing some of the other anime that has been released on tv, I believe that the following will happen:

1) the tv version music will be either dubbed in English or a completely new song will be made. After all, many Americans, esp. children, can't enjoy music in another language, in some tv execs opinions.

2) questionable scenes (ie, those of an extreme violent nature, questionable "morality", or an extreme sexual nature, if any, I haven't seen the series yet) will be edited out for the tv version, esp. since it will be released on the Cartoon Network.

3) the video versions will not be changed other than the addition of subtitles or dubbing (after all, the stuff in the other Gundam videos thus far released has not been changed except for this)

Now, this being said, don't take it for my agreeing with this policy. Personally, I'd love for them to release the series on tv exactly as it originally was except for the dubbing of the lines (not the music), but it ain't going to happen. Many Americans are too "puritan", and there are certain things that are just not shown on tv. The censors just won't let it be done. This is slowly changing, however. I just hope that the dub follows the quality of the 0080 and 0083 dubs, as far as translation and choice of voice actors. I thought they were very well done (well, other than that annoying habit they had of calling the Jion the "Xi-on"), even though some of the voices were not quite on par with the original Japanese voices, IMO.


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