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I dunno what happened to Gundam Wing here - (I didn't bother watching it) -
but that should give you an idea as to how much the extent of the cutting
could go. It would be more seamless for the US version I believe - but I
believe the Filipinos who did watch it could give you a good indicator.

I think they won't change the music. It's far cheaper to dub over lyrics
than compose a new theme entirely - unless of course it's entirely
unworkable in english.

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> Wonder what they will do to Wings music? Will they change it entirely,
> leave it alone or dub it? I hope they leave it alone, but since this
> won't happen, I hope the at least dub it. The music for Wing, to me, seems
> suitable for the US. Its upbeat and doesn't sould old.
> My feelings are, they should leave it intact and either dub or subtitle
> the lyrics. Since they are bringing it to the US, I want it left in its
> original state as much as possiable. I am happy that Gundam is coming to
> US, but I am also kind of dreading watching it, because I do not know what
> will be changed. They need to make a Press Release saying what will be
> edited, don't you think?
> Aaron
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