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>> Who or what on Earth is the "Preventer WIND"? It sounds pretty cool and I'm
>> just curious to find out more about it.
>It's Milliardo Peacecraft a.k.a. Zechs Merquise's codename in Gundam
>Wing Endless Waltz when he joined Preventer, an organization with the
>good guys

Just to clarify that a little more, Preventer is the Earth Sphere Unified
Nation's intelligence agency. The Unified Nation is the government, led by
Relena Darlian, that replaced Treize Khushrenada's World Nation at the end
of the Gundam Wing TV series. Preventer is its agency to prevent
war. Each Preventer agent has a code name based on the alchemical or
philosophical elements. Lucrezia Noin is Fire, Sally Po is Water and Lady
Une is Gold, the alchemical result of combining the elements. When Zechs
Merquise presents himself to Lady Une, he declares that he will use the
code name Wind -- "the wind that puts out the fire" -- which would be "Air"
in the Western alchemical tradition. Presumably there are also agents
named Earth or Mountain (the former from Western tradition, the latter from
Eastern), Wood or Forest (Eastern, no equivalent in the West), and Void
(Eastern, equivalent to Gold in the West).

The full list would be:

Western Eastern
------- -------
           WOOD or FOREST

That doesn't give Preventer much of a roster, but then there were only five
Gundam boys to take on the entire Earth Sphere.

"Preventer Wind" sounds like some kind of stomach medication, doesn't it?


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