Federico Makabenta (yenm@iconn.com.ph)
Sat, 4 Dec 1999 07:33:32 +0800

Calling all Pinoys on this list...

Sorry if this came a bit late...

Anyway, the Magic: Grand Prix will be at megamall today (Magic: The
Gathering) Saturday...

But most of the shops that sell anime and stuff will be there with stalls...

If you guys want to meet me - ask around at Whilce Portacio's comic school
at the Learn Center around 2:30 pm and ask for Fed... You guys can get to
meet some Avalon artists and see their work. On occasion I see the artist of
Wolverine there - Leinil Yu.

I think Whilce will be there today, he may have a stall around the Grand
Prix area for Avalon - he had a comic book signing last time around :)

cya around guys...


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