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>From: Justin Palmer <>
>retro styled Gundams hissing steam,
>those bio-organic aliens that seem so in fashion these days, and the
>chance to have an alien "ambassador" fall in love with a human foe...

Must everyone fall in love these days....
To me the most realistic portrayal of a
love in war, was 08th MS team, with BB
and Miguel, it sucked but that's life.
The tragic love triangle of Char/Lalah
Lalah/Amuro is great, and bring's on the
rivalry fine, but she's my enemy but I
love her is TRITE and BEEN DONE TO DEATH...

Quess - Hathaway
Ayna - Shiro
Lalah - Amuro
Four - Camille

At least Bernie and Chris didn't know they
we're killing each other...

> Add a Yoko Kanno soundtrack, some mecha designed by all the
>greats, and the hand of Tomino, and you could have a Gundam for a new -
>or past - Century! ^_^

Ok, I have a weak spot for Gothic, Gaslight
Victorian Era stylings, and I think that as
a Manga book.

    Steam Armor Gundam

Would be a great story... Even if we applied
it to MSG, kinda like the Gotham by Gaslight
story of Batman .vs Jack the Ripper...

Try this:

Amuro - Young middle class kid, tinkers with
        machinery while his father the great
        Inventor works on a top secret govt.
        project, the Armored Giant Gundam.

Lalah - Very proper English lady, all prissy
        in victorian garb, she's from India.
        Studied with the mystics there for a
        while and is the one who discovers a
        weakness in the aliens.

Char - Very early prototype airplane pilot
        red pilot's suit, and customized eye
        slits in his mask. Dashing hero type.
        Comes home to join the army after his
        father's "great vision" seeing all the
        alien motherships in his own backyard
        telescope was too much for Char's dad
        and Char wants revenge...

Chris - Yes McKenzie is one of the early ones
        in the newly formed Earth Federation
        Defense Forse. Formerly a stunt pilot
        she's trying out for the Gundam unit.
        Tight leather outfit, sash, goggles.

The solar system could be a bright polished
brass telescope, turned around, focussing a
light from a big solar collector, or lighthouse
bulb, ala Doctor Who... making a laser from
a lighthouse array.

Lalah's part of India could be one of the
"colonies" that is being invaded by the aliens.
As could Hong Kong, and the rest...

Since the characters need a way to get all over
the world fighting the bad guys, they would need

Bright - Noah is the commander of the Federation's
        newest rigid frame lighter than air ship.
        The new "White Base" is a derrigible, like
        the "Hindenberg" only this one uses helium.
        Hah a real reason for everyone elses ship
        to explode like a balloon... The WB carries
        three "Steam Armor" units...


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