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> Cool. I'm actually looking for troops or vehicles to match the
> 1/48 scale - this might be helpful. We play Warhammer 40K,
> Warhammer, and Mordenheim - so I'm more or less familiar
> with them. I dunno much about Warzone though.

Warzone is a little better than Warhammer in that its cheaper to get into and
faster to play. But Games Workshop has a hell of lot more money to support
their product line than Target Games.

> Are u gonna use them for Gaming or modeling purposes?

Gaming. I'm planning on mount the weapons on pins so I can switch them out
for 40k styled weapons as needed. With rules for super heavy vehicles in
Citadel Journal, I can field these easily.

> If for modeling, show one of the Eldar or Dark Eldar being crushed
> by the TeqGunner. Hate those buggers... :)

I may do that.

> Interesting. I'll look around for their figures... Maybe I'll find
> interesting...

They're fairly easy to find on the web or in a local gaming store near you.
If you want, I'll send you the info off list. Just send my an off list message

> I was thinking about that too. Interesting make for a playset isn't it?


> I wonder if they're releasing the Battlemaster? I'm drooling over the
> prospect of a rerelease of the Bromry Eyevan and other toys they had.

Ahhhh, the Bigfoot. An awesome mecha.


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