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Fri, 3 Dec 1999 10:26:53 -0800

About all I can tell you is that Alps is a brand of printer. Personally,
I'm still using a dot matrix printer from 1990, heheh...(not for decals, of
course!). I remember reading something about them using a 'waxy' type of
ink (which allowed them to print white), which is why your waxy printer
sounds like it would work. Also, some types of inks are water soluble, and
the decals will run when soaked in the water.

Peter Savin

>I asked this before, but didn't get an answer: what's an Alps printer? Is
>that a brand name or a printing technology?
>I found the Alps MD-2010 printer on the net, which "features a unique
>Micro Dry printing process that uses a heated print head to form
>characters by pressing against colored ink ribbons."
>Sounds about right.

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