Fri, 3 Dec 1999 12:21:28 -0600

        Alps Is a company, The printer you are lookng for id the md-1300 or
one of its decendants. It really is the best printer for just about anything
like this. Prints ormal paper ites Damn well also , but the cartridges are a
bit pricey for that kind of use. For photo work or "odd media" there is no
better solutiuion ANYWHERE without spending an order of magnitude more money
(literaly). The reason is that these printers use a micro dry ink technology
that lays layers of clord pigment that is dry before application, so you get
no smearing or smudging, and a much richer and even color. no ink to bleed
or come out sporadically. plus it is one of the few printer that has a White
cartridge so that you can print white, a must for decal work. It also has
gold and silver foil cartriges so that you can get a real gold metalic
image, not just a yellowish gold approximation. This printer is worth what
you will pay, especially if you can find a used one. its very slow though.
Is unbeliveable for photos also, i made a set of gundam trading cards with
it that are on cardbord, with photo , glossy images on oneside andstats on
the other.
                                                                Will Horner

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