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Mark Simmons wrote:
> >On the left shoulder blade of the HGUC Quebeley, there's a "tattoo"
> >clearly engraved:
> This just means it's the second incarnation of the Elmeth. Nagano
> doodled this on his original line art, and it's faithfully replicated in
> the kit.

HAHAHA so "2 LMES" is "2nd L-Meth" (using typical Asian way of
pronouncing "th" as "pfz"). Just like customized auto liscense plates.

I love it!

BTW, artistically, Nagano may consider Quebeley to be the 2nd Elmeth, but
is there any UC grounding to this? Did the Elmeth engineers work on
Quebeley? Or the Axis Newtype/enhanced-type team was an extension of the
original Kishiria's Newtype development group?

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