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It doesn't have to be a color copier, I just say that because most decal
designs have some color in them. Actually, Canon makes an ink jet printer
that can print on decal paper but I've never tried it.

Some of those printers at your work might do the job. Give it a try.

I have (or had) an RX-78 Gundam I painted in the black and gray scheme
which I designed custom decals for. If I dig it out of storage, I'll take
some pictures of the decals.

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It doesn't have to be color copier right? Only the printing process is
important. I want to print directly from a PC. I take it that ink jet
printers won't work, but in the lab we have some fancy printers, one is a
solid ink (some kind of waxy ink), another is (I think) a film transfer

If it turns out I can do this in the lab, I won't mind printing some
decals for listmembers for free, in exchange for decal designs and "future
considerations" :)

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