Peter Savin (
Fri, 3 Dec 1999 09:37:05 -0800

The 'waxy ink' printer should work quite nicely, you'll probably get better
results than from the copier. The general concensus has been that Alps
printers are the best 'home' printers for decals, they apparently work
really well (never tried myself).

Peter Savin

>It doesn't have to be color copier right? Only the printing process is
>important. I want to print directly from a PC. I take it that ink jet
>printers won't work, but in the lab we have some fancy printers, one is a
>solid ink (some kind of waxy ink), another is (I think) a film transfer
>If it turns out I can do this in the lab, I won't mind printing some
>decals for listmembers for free, in exchange for decal designs and "future
>considerations" :)

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