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Vince Leon wrote:
> It's better to buy it at an art supply store, it's a lot cheaper then hobby
> store prices. I've noticed no real difference in brands, so any kind will
> do.
> An extra bit of information, decal paper comes in two types, clear and
> white. Use clear if the decal design does not have any white on it. Use
> white if the decal design has white on it because color copiers do not
> print in white.

It doesn't have to be color copier right? Only the printing process is
important. I want to print directly from a PC. I take it that ink jet
printers won't work, but in the lab we have some fancy printers, one is a
solid ink (some kind of waxy ink), another is (I think) a film transfer

If it turns out I can do this in the lab, I won't mind printing some
decals for listmembers for free, in exchange for decal designs and "future
considerations" :)

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