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> Lalah Sun is the object of both Char and Amoro Rae's
> affections towards the
> end of Gundam 0079. I won't spoil you on what happens to her.
> Though I know
> a lot of people here do...
> She's like Nadia from secret of Blue Water - dark skinned.
> Long hair that's
> buffed up towards the end - and I think blue eyes. She was a
> Newtype as
> powerful as Amora Rae.

What do you mean as powerful as Amuro. She is probably the most powerful
Newtype in the whole OYW. Both Amuro and Char needed Psychoframe technology
to stear remote bits 15 years after OYW. Lalah Sun did that with primitive
psychommu technology with just her brain power.

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