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First of its kind right? Amazing. I liked Votoms - I should find this when I
have the chance.

> Ryosuke Takahashi's anime series Sun's Fang Dougram was created in
> to the success of rival Nippon Sunrise's Mobile Suit Gundam, the first
> giant robot series to incorporate valid mechanical principles into its
> robot designs. Dougram went Gundam one better, introducing mecha designed
> with a hard-edged look appropriate to military hardware, one the reflected
> Takahashi's darker view of human nature. Takahashi went on to create
> Armored Trooper Votoms, Round Vernian Vifam, Panzer World Galient and Blue
> Meteor SPT Layzner, all of which reflected his views of warfare and its
> effects on victor and vanquished alike. Dougram was, in many ways, a
> mirror image of Gundam -- a gritty, realistic view of futuristic warfare
> devoid of glamour.
> The setting is the planet Deloyer in the 152nd year of the Space Calendar
> (SC 152). Deloyer has declared independence from the United Nations Of
> Earth, which has sent an occupation force to insure continued shipments of
> the raw materials needed to support Earth's global industrial
> complex. Their primary weapons are the Combat Armor machines, which range
> from walking tanks to giant humanoids, all armed with the deadly Linear
> Guns. The D-7 Dougram is the prototype for a new generation of Combat
> Armor: stronger, faster and more maneuverable than any of its
> predecessors. When Denon Cashim, governor of Deloyer, orders the
> destruction of a rebel stronghold, his son Crinn Cashim takes off in the
> Dougram and joins the rebel army known as Guerilla.
> Dougram Characters
> ------------------
> Crinn Cashim - Active in the rebellion, he eventually takes his father's
> place as governor of Deloyer, whose independence is won when global war
> destroys civilization back on Earth.
> Denon Cashim - Crinn's father and governor of Deloyer, he is caught up and
> swept along by events until his untimely death.
> Daisy Orsal - Crinn Cashim's fiancee: blonde, blue-eyed and innocent of
> intrigues that surround her.
> Helmut J. LeCoque - Vice-governor of Deloyer, he is the true villain of
> piece. The attack on Guerilla that estranged the Cashims was his idea, as
> are most of the atrocities committed by the UNE Occupation Forces. He
> plays the UNE against Guerilla in hopes of winning absolute dictatorship
> an independent Deloyer and, through its monopoly on natural resources, the
> Earth itself. He arranges the assassination of Denon Cashim to move up to
> the governorship and tries to force a marriage with Daisy to secure his
> position through ties to her family.
> Brudoran Garcia - Deloyer's Military Chief Of Staff is a pompous windbag,
> firmly in LeCoque's hip pocket.
> Rocky Andor - The young redheaded firebrand who formed and leads the rebel
> army Guerilla against the UNE Occupation Forces.
> Canary Donetto - A young redheaded firecracker and Guerilla
> second-in-command, she is Rocky Andor's lover.
> Chico Biento - The big, shaven-headed Guerilla weaponeer, he carries a
> portable laser cannon called the Big E-Gun.
> Festo Bronco - A feisty 18-year-old ex-classmate of Crinn.
> Billy Hall - A 16-year-old Guerilla auxiliary, he looks and acts more like
> a 12-year-old and hero-worships Crinn.
> Georgio Jordan - A former Gran Prix driver, he is now a spy for Guerilla
> and go-between for Crinn and Daisy.
> Heckle G. Thompson - 24-year-old Guerilla "nerd" who builds, modifies and
> maintains their Combat Armor machines.
> Nanashi - A huge Guerilla infantryman, built along the lines of the
> Incredible Hulk, who comes across as a human tank.
> David Samlin - A former professor at Deloyer University, he supplies
> information on Combat Armor design and UNE strategies to his former
> students in Guerilla.
> Backus - Samlin's assistant and Guerilla sympathizer.
> Destin - Samlin's assistant and LeCoque's spy, he eventually murders
> LeCoque in a fit of anger.
> Dick Lertoff - APU reporter and war correspondent, he is an amoral
> opportunist who will do anything for a headline.
> J. Locke - The one-eyed commander of the UNEOF, he has sworn to avenge his
> humiliating defeats by personally killing Crinn.
> Von Stein - UNEOF colonel, he is a self-serving gloryhound who hopes to
> take Locke's place and, eventually, displace Garcia.
> Rick Boyd - UNEOF major, he is fiercely loyal to Locke and will do
> he orders.
> Jacky Zalshiev - UNEOF Combat Armor pilot and ace, he comes the closest to
> killing Crinn of anyone except Locke.
> The following FASA mecha are known to be taken from Dougram:
> BattleTech Sun's Fang Dougram
> ----------------------- ------------------
> BLR-1G BattleMaster Soltic HT-128 Bigfoot
> GOL-1H Goliath Abitate F44A CrabGunner
> GRF-1N Griffin Soltic H8-RF Roundfacer
> SCP-1N Scorpion Abitate F35C BlizzardGunner
> SHD-2H ShadowHawk D-7 Dougram (JAKT Type)
> TDR-5S Thunderbolt Hasty F4X Ironfoot
> WVR-6R Wolverine Abitate T-10C Blockhead
> Note that Combat Armor in the service of the Guerilla rebels (such as
> Dougram) are marked with a gold-bordered red triangle, while those of the
> UNE Occupation Forces are emblazoned with gold chevrons indicating the
> Division to which they are assigned (1st, 2nd or 3rd).
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