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>> Well we've had Street Fighter(G), Bishounen-Sentai(W), and I'm assuming X
>> borrowed from another genre as well. Maybe Gundam is overdue for a war with
>> aliens?


        Better yet, why not have the *original* alien invaders...

        ...the chances of anything coming from Mars were a million to
one, they said...

        I was thinking about this the other day. Its an idea a little
bit inspired by Turn A Gundam, Kishin Heidan and Sakura Wars - Gundam
1899! At the turn of the century, the great European powers are locked
in a quiet struggle for mastery of the World. This has resulted in
several low intensity wars, utilising the cutting edge of iron and steam
technology - the Steam Clad tanks, the Ostrich walkers, and the Royal
Aviation Corps gunpowder fed Ornithopters.
        Yet while the rival powers struggle, a new faction intervenes, a
faction not of this world, but from beyond it, and with only one aim in
mind - a War of the Worlds!
        Confronted by the awesome technology of the invaders, the mighty
nations of Earth respond by developing even more powerful weapons with
which to fight them, weapons manufactured from the strange alien alloy
salvaged from the few alien machines that have fallen into human hands -
am alloy known only as Gundarium. The new weapons are named for this
alloy - the Gundams. But are the Gundams really the saviour of mankind,
or are they become just pawns to be sacrificed at the whim of the Great
Powers of Earth?

        Okay, I *know* it sounds a bit cheesy, but I think it could
work. You could combine all the elements that made Gundam great - the
political and human intrigue of the European powers, the young and the
innocent caught up in events that are beyond their understanding, the
cool uniforms from Gundam Wing... ^_^ ...with many fresh new angles that
Gundam hasn't explored before - retro styled Gundams hissing steam,
those bio-organic aliens that seem so in fashion these days, and the
chance to have an alien "ambassador" fall in love with a human foe...
        Add a Yoko Kanno soundtrack, some mecha designed by all the
greats, and the hand of Tomino, and you could have a Gundam for a new -
or past - Century! ^_^

        (incidentally, this also stems out of a feeling I have that one
of the greatest SF scenes never to have been filmed is the advance of
the Martians up the Thames from The War of the Worlds... )
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