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Bandai's LICENSE!!! Yahoo... :)

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> http://www.dp9.com/SonyDeal.htm
> Here's the address to the Press Release for the Heavy Gear animated
> It sounds very promising. It sounds like it will not be "dumbed down" for
> kids. I hope this holds true when its released sometime in 2000. I'd
> it'll come out around Sept. 2000, just in time for the new US Television
> season.
> I am excited to see what the series and toys will be like. I hope the
> figures come with a removeable, poseable pilot, to stand beside the Gear
> he/she pilots, on my shelf. They will be made by Bandai and you know they
> will make Gear figures. Bandai's stuff is usually pretty good.
> The series will be 40 episodes, I may have already said that, though.
> Gundam Wing in 2000, an Heavy Gear series in 2000. Its going to be the
> of the mecha in the US! :) Hope the Heavy Gear series is more mature then
> lot of US cartoons. All I can say is, Bring on the Mecha!
> Aaron
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