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Lalah Sun is the object of both Char and Amoro Rae's affections towards the
end of Gundam 0079. I won't spoil you on what happens to her. Though I know
a lot of people here do...

She's like Nadia from secret of Blue Water - dark skinned. Long hair that's
buffed up towards the end - and I think blue eyes. She was a Newtype as
powerful as Amora Rae.

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> >> Hmm... what kind of a person is Quess anyway? Would she
> >> happen to be like Alenby or something? Sorry for the bad joke a while
ago ^^
> >
> >a product of a broken family (i think...) who chose to go with char
> >because she was looking for a father, wherein her real father wasn't
> >much around anyway...a damn good newtype if you ask me, too bad she got
> >hit by what i'd call a VERY lucky shot from chein agi
> That was fast... well, that Chien Agi is also kinda cute.
> She kinda reminds me of Noin Lucrezia for some reason. But
> anyway, how would one compare Quess with Alenby? Would it
> by any chance that a sentimental fan would consider the possibility of
Alenby being the reincarnation of Quess?
> Also, how does Lalah Sun look like? I've heard about her
> very often in one of the previous threads, but I don't really know who she
is. Lastly, is Chien also a Newtype?
> -Veilchen
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