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Fri, 3 Dec 1999 10:05:04 -0500

On Fri, 3 Dec 1999 09:59:57 -0500 Kaworu Nagisa <> wrote:
>>> Hmm... what kind of a person is Quess anyway? Would she
>>> happen to be like Alenby or something? Sorry for the bad joke a while ago ^^
>>a product of a broken family (i think...) who chose to go with char
>>because she was looking for a father, wherein her real father wasn't
>>much around anyway...a damn good newtype if you ask me, too bad she got
>>hit by what i'd call a VERY lucky shot from chein agi

Quess was nothing more, nothing less than a spoiled, arrogant little brat and it was highly satisfying to see her die. The only bad part about it was that it enraged Hathaway enough that he blew away Chien afterwards.

> Also, how does Lalah Sun look like? I've heard about her
>very often in one of the previous threads, but I don't really know who she is. Lastly, is Chien also a Newtype?

Lalah was a young Indian (not Native American, real Indian) girl. Picture the typical Indian girl and you have her.

And yes, Chien was a newtype.


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