Fri, 3 Dec 1999 01:53:15 EST

  Here's the address to the Press Release for the Heavy Gear animated series.
It sounds very promising. It sounds like it will not be "dumbed down" for
kids. I hope this holds true when its released sometime in 2000. I'd figure
it'll come out around Sept. 2000, just in time for the new US Television

  I am excited to see what the series and toys will be like. I hope the Gear
figures come with a removeable, poseable pilot, to stand beside the Gear
he/she pilots, on my shelf. They will be made by Bandai and you know they
will make Gear figures. Bandai's stuff is usually pretty good.

  The series will be 40 episodes, I may have already said that, though.
Gundam Wing in 2000, an Heavy Gear series in 2000. Its going to be the year
of the mecha in the US! :) Hope the Heavy Gear series is more mature then a
lot of US cartoons. All I can say is, Bring on the Mecha!


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