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Thu, 02 Dec 1999 22:18:38 -0500

Paul Fields wrote:

> Actually there is an Aqua GM, we just don't ever see it...
> That's the only reason I could endorse the underwater show
> without adding new designs.

Uh, yeah, Ohkawara's M-MSV RAG-79 Aqua GM

Of course, you know what they said about the Ohkawara designs in Operation

"I mean, I bet this is another one of those crappy Okarawa designs right? Geez,
talk about a one trick pony! Looks like a Gundam made out of friggin' legos!"

OTOH, I actually like some of them and this one isnt so bad, although it looks
more like a Gundam than a GM in some ways.

BTW, assuming the year is a basis for the numbering, as in the original RX-78 &
-79, Ohkawara's RX-81LA and RX-81ST should have been built around 0081 and could
provide a good setting I suppose. OTOH, I think those two designs are the root
of the legos comment...


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