Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Thu, 2 Dec 1999 20:58:51 -0500

>>And why ignore the FC and AW timelines? Just because Gundam-X was a bust,
>>the whole universe is no good for story telling? That 7th Space War looked
>>very interesting and, of course, there were six others before it. G-Gundam
>>is more of a departure -- my only complaint, in fact, is that I can't
>>really embrace it as a Gundam story -- but there's already been a lot said
>>about Gundam Fight 7 that would make for an interesting anime.
>Heh. Some friends and I had a lot of fun thinking up what G-Gundams could
>be like. One of my favourites was Neo-Scotland's "Highland Gundam" with
>beam-cannon bagpipes. Then, there was Neo-New Zealand's "All Black Gundam"
>(modelled off a rugby player). And I considered writing a (very silly)
>fanfic about a new Neo-Sweden Gundam which succeeded the Nobel, and induced
>absolute horror in everyone. Its name - ABBA Gundam.
>Oh, and speaking of gundams which resemble characters from a certain
>popular magical girl show, I read a fanfic yesterday called "Pretty Soldier
>Sailor GX"



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